OddsMonkey Review: Trusted by tens of thousands of customers from 2020 

Let us begin this Oddsmonkey inspection by having to understand this organization and how everything began. Bear in mind, we’d recommend just the goods that we used and we all believe will bring real value for our subscribers. So, beginning with the start, Oddsmonkey.com was set by Paul King at 2011 and has been very much a part time job for more than four decades focusing on providing opportunities fitting applications to other coordinated gambling companies. Following the 2016 revamp, OddsMonkey turned into a totally subscription based service that currently provides training, support, manuals, daily supplies and an impressive collection of matched gambling tools. 

Among of the main resources any matched bettor requires is your Oddsmatcher — it is possible to start an account for free here and today. 

Using all the free trial, some other matched gaming enthusiast gets the essential amount of access to benefit from the resources and provides and may expect to earn around #63 gain. This will probably be sufficient to cover itself (1 weeks of subscription — #19.99). 

OddsMonkey.com provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you discover their service is not for you. They will offer a refund for any reason — that the only real condition is that the petition is emailed prior to the conclusion of this 30th day of Premium membership.

First Impression of OddsMonkey.com 

At first glancewe actually enjoy their dash layout & usefulness and for certain that you can observe they plan to give the very best deal for their clients; Their service delivers a variety of tools, for example acca finder, every manner calculator, and bookmakers sign up provide manuals, matched gaming innovative calculators and all them are included with their subscription — a significant facet known for our OddsMonkey inspection procedure.

Presently they will have a portfolio of 60+ signup supplies from various bookmakers and 35+ match and bingo signup provides clarified. Moreover, they have a weekly & daily supplies section where it is possible to get any accessible offer clarified with the adjoining possible benefit.

Despite all the totally free signup, you’ll receive access to a few of their manuals which are concisely written, which makes them simple to follow when you’ve got religion in the coordinated gambling process. Moreover, their library of stuff will include video manuals, but remember that the majority of these are available with all the premium membership.

Another aspect we considered because of our testimonials, and will be exactly the exact same for 2020 Oddsmonkey inspection, the high quality and smoothness of their manuals. Their listing of bonuses, including sign-ups, and provides manuals is well-researched, using a friendly layout and instinctive for many part. Additionally, the sports gambling offers heartbeat is structured by supply type and degree of difficulty.

OddsMonkey Tools

The variety of coordinated gambling tools is possibly the largest selling point for OddsMonkey, particularly as they’re included with Premium subscription, without any extra fees.

OddsMonkey Oddsmatcher

As mentioned previously, an oddsmatcher is just one of the most crucial tools employed for coordinated gambling. It contrasts the back chances at different bookmakers into the lay chances for exactly the exact same stake on betting exchanges and rates based on how good the game is.

The selection of sports covered with their own oddsmatcher is the most effective now available with markets such as soccer, cricket, basketball, tennis, horse racing, golf, soccer, american football, darts, esports; additionally covers each of the bookmakers you may imagine and the most important exchange markets. 

It’s the normal match evaluation and consumers can set maximum and minimum values in addition to placing their own variety of chances to seek by, minimal trade liquidity and comparative time, from currently up to 2 weeks beforehand.

The filter’s versatility is truly great — you can opt to exclude bookmakers, sports betting exchange markets, occasions, time framework, essentially, whatever you desire is not there. Another great feature is the capacity to put email alerts for certain games, for example, that a 97% game at odds on soccer just for Smarkets exchange. 

Another helpful attribute with Oddsmonkey oddsmatcher is the integrated calculator that automatically computes the set stake for your chosen event. The calculator includes choices for utilizing a regular qualifying bet, free bet SNR, completely free wager SR and secure bet. Both the game info and calculator include connections to the bookmaker and swap sites and in certain cases are deep hyperlinks into the marketplace or bet slide.

Using this instrument together with the incorporated calculator can be quite simple, particularly for a novice which covered the fundamentals as well as the matched gambling jargon. We think that is among the most dependable odds fitting software accessible and once you’ve had a few experiences with it is going to eventually become your”best buddy”.

Furthermore, a terrific feature inside the incorporated calculator is that the log wager function that automatically transfers each of the critical areas to the Gain Tracker creating your life even much simpler.

Racing Matcher

Horse racing matcher and golfing matcher provide games according to individual supply standards. It is a terrific idea and speedy means to search for appropriate matches in an offer by supply foundation or race by race basis. 

The horse’s racing matcher was developed to filter out of any race which didn’t possess an offer on these, and then filters out all the bookmakers that are not working promotions on each and every race also; this usually means you could find horse racing games effortlessly — that translates value for the time; the actual cash from reload supplies are created with these two tools.  (Another celebrity added into our Oddsmonkey review)

Acca Finder

In case you do not understand exactly what exactly an Acca is, then please feel free to have a read in our paired gaming basic post:”Which exactly are Accumulator Bets?” .Acca insurance provides are among those constant funds sources for regular matched bettors and OddsMonkey have produced lots of resources to assist them from simplifying the procedure and eliminating the unnecessary Documents and do-it-yourself calculations. 

When picking a wager with Acca Finder, there is the choice to modify approaches, with regular set sequential, place all at launch, to utilize sequential using a free wager. The acca indicates the fiscal implications of the many impacts and the anticipated significance and qualifying reduction for the selected method. 

Oddsmonkey Acca Finder

Also, you can filter out the Acca supplies by bookmaker and after you put your bets you’ll be able to save and also put up email alerts to another game event contained in your favorite acca insurance policy offer.

Every manner Matcher

Every manner matcher is a sophisticated tool for seasoned matched bettors that’s intended to exploit the gap in position relation involving bookmaker and exchange.This instrument is certainly the largest advantage of OddsMonkey subscription. 

‘Extra location’ races are if bookmakers provide you 5 locations every way rather than 4. From time to time, they will be generous and provide you 6, 5 or seven, or perhaps even 8 locations on quite massive events, such as in the united kingdom is that the Grand National.

With paired gambling, you can harness these additional place offerings and gain significant payouts on such races to get minimal danger, in case your horse lands at the extra or’additional’ place. As a result of this every manner matcher, you are able to pay for the whole area of horses close to it to ensure that a horse of yours lands within an extra location.

Even the OddsMonkey did a terrific job with their eachway matcher instrument by highlighting that races will likely be impacted in the event the amount of runners has been decreased by one and what are the dangers connected with non-runners and whistles.

Remember, every way races are not for matched gambling newcomers, also you need to be completely comfortable with the coordinated gambling procedure and have assembled your bankroll into a sensible level before trying exploiting these kinds of offers. 

We advise studying our entire article about what’s a daily manner matcherour hints to utilize them and what would be the dangers of beginning before obtaining the correct knowledge and the right bankroll.

Dutcher Matcher

For our OddsMonkey reviewwe had to pay for the dutch matcher instrument. This dutching searcher help contrasts bookmakers odds for 2 and three dimensional markets. The application has several configurable options that’s crucial as in default condition it returns games from non-UK accredited bookmakers. 

We recommend making your own filter, together with your desirable bookmakers. Additionally, the application may be set to offer alerts and also the oddsmatcher you’ll be able to log into your gain straight & simple to gain tracker application. 

OddsMonkey Dutch Matcher

With the events emphasized by the above mentioned matcher will be able to enable you to seem just like more of a mug bettor at different bookies in precisely the exact same moment, and it could really enable you to make arbitrage opportunities also. Even the dutching program can be quite handy once you need to reduce your weight reduction required for reload offers.

Gain Tracker

It is possible to log your unsettled stakes, tick them off as whole after they are done, compute your gains mechanically and — to the analytical people around — you can run reports based on your gains in some specific timeframes to evaluate your progress and achievement.

If you open the Gain Tracker, you will have the choice to put in your past matched gambling profits, so in the event you would like it to monitor just how much you have made entire then you can just add it in such manner. 

And if you employ the oddsmatcher together with gaming integration it’s possible to use the log in button that clips the event information and possible profit. We highly suggest it as it is a helpful tool, particularly to get a paired bettor beginner.

Betting Exchange Integration

The market integration, even such as Smarkets and Betfair Exchange, which Oddsmonkey has introduced earns matters efficient and simpler. Essentially, you can put bets on your favorite sports betting market right on Oddsmonkey website without having to log into.

Additionally, this feature presents the mechanically calculated put bets, you also donn’t need to enter any amounts (well, except for altering up your back bet ) and you do not have to log into your exchange accounts everytime– it is just one easy setup right at the beginning.

Oddsmonkey Info Calculator with Exchange Integration

About the calculator, then you enter your back bet (the bet you wager in the bookmaker). The chances from your bookie and the market will be present from the calculator, and therefore you don’t have to manually input them yourself.

It’ll automatically put your bet depending on the likelihood and bets shown from the calculator and should the chances changes you’ll be asked in case you still need to put the bet. This integration will make your life simpler regardless of if you’re a regular paired bettor or a newcomer.

Oddsmonkey Program

OddsMonkey cellular program is truly great for overall navigation of the site, viewing video manuals and scanning text posts. But with the exclusion of this standalone calculator, the additional tools are rather tricky to be employed on a screen. The resources are far better on tablets that could make helpful instant displays for your paired gaming experience. 

Customer Service & OddsMonkey Forum

Oddsmonkey offers service seven days per week until 7pm. Sunday on Monday from 9am. Contact can be made by submitting a support ticket on the internet or by submitting a question in this discussion. There’s a dedicated Service forum to find a formal reply that could be quite fast sometimes but frequently takes 10-20 minutes to get a response. (They’ve 4.7 celebrities around TrustPilot)

Oddsmonkey forum dashboard

The neighborhood (forum) is very active and articles in different classes will frequently get feedback from useful members. Is a wonderful place to discuss thoughts and certainly we advocate sharing your expertise, particularly errors. This way everybody is able to understand and you may talk where you did not pay sufficient attention or everything went wrong. (Another celebrity about them within our Oddsmonkey review)

Additionally, the Oddsmonkey forum is a fantastic way to explore the tutorials, product manuals and overall paired gambling tips. Could be utilized as a big portion of your practice procedure and there are lots of well-written articles that serve their function well. (Not like ours, obviously ). 


OddsMonkey.com has been famous for its Oddsmatcher applications, however, deserves admiration for its quality of instruction materials, their reactive service and discussion, because of their intuitive and simple to navigate dashboard layout and naturally their array of helpful tools.

OddsMonkey applications has advantages and flaws, in the same way as any other supplier in the coordinated gaming sector, but several paired gambling sites can make real claims to provide a greater suite of resources.  The rushing matcher and every manner matcher are great advancements and will help maintain your bankroll growing if you’re using them sensibly. Even the accumulator tools will even help members earn money.

The coaching posts are simple to follow and many beginners should not have any trouble knowing exactly what to do and also how to use their resources. We highly suggest the company to your paired gaming travel, and we firmly feel they provide (probably) that the best value premium coordinated gambling membership in the whole industry. 

Overall, OddsMonkey.com supplies a whole lot of features for a relatively modest cost at #19.99 a month or 150 each year. Take advantage and register for a free trial now, simply clicking on below.

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Thanks, Everyday Betting team.